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Tradition & savoir faire pour vos pommes de terre

Founded in 1999, LABELTERRE the company Labelterre is the combination of a family farm in the heart of Picardie and a packing center.

Our motto ? Proximity and quality. Each year, 10,000 tonnes of potatoes are grown, harvested and packaged with the utmost care and the ongoing search for a product of high visual quality and taste.

Since 1975, Guy DONNEZ then his son, Jean Baptiste are producers in a particularly favorable area to grow the fresh potato : the Santerre.

Jean Baptiste gets his savoir-faire from his grandfather Eugene. In this way, generation after generation, the experience of the potato is transmitted.

Today, Jean-Baptiste, perfect the family know-how with new farming techniques.

It’s in 2000 that Claire DONNEZ joined his father and creating the company Labelterre to distribute more widely the family farm products known for their quality, both gustatory and visual.

Labelterre is looking for proximity, traceability and is working hard to provide you beautiful and good products from the Nord Picardie region.

Pomme de terre

The plots

Our plots are selected for their agronomic qualities. The rotation between two cultures potatoes is made to respect the biological balance of the soil: about 5 years. Analyzes can target mineral and organic elements to bring to this soil.

Varieties and plantation

Only certified of origin and controlled gauges plants are planted. They are selected for their culinary skills and guarantees without genetic manipulation. Each variety was selected for its culinary aptitude.


We committee ourselves to use a performance equipment, well adjusted and operated in good conditions, with technical production monitoring. We keep a crop book that includes all farming practices carried out in our fields.
Treatments are applied only when necessary, ensuring healthy products. We guarantee a environment friendly farming.

Harvesting and selecting

Topkill and harvest days are determined for tuber’s quality, they are fixed after sampling from the fields and maturity test.
It is then by sorting and calibration channel that potatoes are selected according to your requirements. Elimination of damaged tubers, green or with visual defects is done manually. .


Potatoes are stored in wooden bins identified in cold ventilated rooms. To avoid sprout, inhibitors treatments are applied only in case of shelf-stable and under controlled doses.
Our customers
We have two types of customers: for the washed and for the unwashed products.

Our customers work with us on a regular basis and remain faithful to our products. They identified above all our work ethic and our expertise.

The national territory : Rungis, MIN Rouen, supermarkets central purchasing.

International : we export our potatoes to Spain, Greece, Italy and Great Britain, and in Eastern European countries as well such as Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic ...

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  •  MIN de Rungis
  • MIN de Rouen
  • Auchan Retail France
  • Intermarché
  • Marché de gros
Labelterre : producteurs et négociants de pomme de terre
Nos pommes de terre s’exportent en Espagne, en Grèce, en Italie et en Grande Bretagne, pays de l’Est tels que la Pologne, la Hongrie, la République Tchèque... Ainsi que sur le territoire national